We Deliver Cool Science Projects with Guides, Tips, and Examples

Get motivated - do cool science projects based on what you enjoy. We have a guide that walks you through the process along with countless tips and ideas to get you started. Turn the hobby that you love into a project you’ll enjoy doing. 

We have the resourcestipsexamples and help you need to make your project successful and fun.

Pascal's Vase - demonstrating that depth, not shape, determines fluid pressure...

Our guides can show you how to get your project done. Let us guide you so that, by the time you're done, you'll know your stuff and have a feeling of confidence.

In addition to the guide itself, we have several cool science projects and many science experiment ideas you can use to get started. It is often the case that someone attempting to do a project for the first time will feel overwhelmed and indecisive about how to do their project or even what topic to base their project on. We can help you figure out what topic is the best fit for you and help identify all of the steps necessary to succeed.

The guide portion of the site begins with the 'Ideas' section and progresses, in order, through the 'topics', 'research', 'experimentation', 'create a report', and 'presentation' sections. Going through these sections will give you a comprehensive understanding of how to do your science project or science fair project and present it to the judges

Additional information on how to actually win contests is given in the 'winning projects' section.

The remaining sections have example projects sorted by grade level ('grade 9-12 Ideas', 'grade 6,7,8 ideas', 'grade 3,4,5 ideas', and 'kids project ideas'), additional information regarding science fairs ('science fair', 'fair projects'), and useful links to help get your project done.

If this is your first science fair project, we highly recommend going through the guide. It is relatively short but contains a wealth of information necessary to make the experience fun instead of bothersome. We want to help you make a cool science project you can be proud of!

You can start at the beginning and work your way through each section, or jump to any science project area that fits your needs by clicking on the navigation buttons to the left.

To get started, just click on the Ideas button. 

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