7th Grade Science Fair Projects

If you’re looking for ideas on 7th grade science fair projects, then you’ve come to the right place! This page contains information you’ll need to get started on your science fair project. We’ll walk you through the necessary steps for what’s expected in a 7th grade science fair project for a school science fair.

The foundation of these science projects is based on the scientific method. If you aren’t sure what that is or simply need to refresh your memory, click on the Ideas button on the left and click on “scientific method.” This will give you a solid understanding of how to approach your project.

Just need some ideas? We have lots of ideas for level appropriate 7th grade science fair projects. If you’re interested in creating a winning project for your 7th grade science fair, then you’ll find our winning projects The rest of this page deals with choosing your topic, the math level that will be required, conducting your research, running your experiment, how best to display your project, and how your project will be judged. 

Your Topic

For 7th grade science fair projects, think about topics that interest you. Make a general list of science subjects that you really like. Then, break down the subject further.

For example, you might be interested biology, so write that down. Then, if you like health and medicine, write that down. Keep breaking it down further until you have a topic that really holds your interest. Remember, you may be working on this science fair project for weeks or even months, so it’s vital that you choose something that will keep you interested throughout.

Choosing something you’re genuinely interested in will reflect positively on your work. We can help you choose a science fair topic. 

Math Level

For quantitative analysis, which includes measurements and numbers you’ve recorded, you will need to prepare at least a basic graph for your project. It could be a simple x-y graph, or bar graph to show the relationships between your variables.

Computer generated graphs are much preferred over hand drawn graphs. Use spreadsheet software, such as Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word. If you don’t know how to use such software, ask someone who can help you. 


To research information, you will be required to use encyclopedias, reputable web resources, and middle school level science textbooks. If you want to be sure that your resource is acceptable for the 7th grade science fair project, ask your local librarian or science teacher. They will be able to guide you to the appropriate resources.

Be sure to write down any resource you use so you can properly cite your work. 


Once you have established your procedural plan for your experiment and have received approval, you’ll need to collect the materials necessary to carry out your experiment. If you require a laboratory or other professional environment, be sure to obtain approval from whoever runs the laboratory. The key aspect of the experiment is to collect accurate data from repeated trials with the same variables, and record all of your data for analysis later. 


A display board showcasing your work is a necessary component for your presentation. The typical size for a display board is three feet wide by four feet high for a 7th grade science fair project, but a larger display may be necessary if you have a lot of data to present.

Be sure to check the rules for the science fair you are entering your project in; some are particular about the dimensions allowed for display boards. 


Depending on the size of the science fair, you may be interviewed by a judge or several judges. If you are told that it will be a large event, be sure to prepare ahead of time to be interviewed about your project. For more information on how to prepare for an interview, refer to winning projects.

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