Biology Science Fair Projects

Biology is the study of life and of living things - biology science fair projects focus on those elements. 

From anatomy, ecology, genetics, zoology, and much more!  Doing a biology science fair project is a great way to stand out with judges because they are less commonly done than other science fair projects.

Your best results will come if you find something that interests you. You’re more likely to do a good job if something interests you than if it doesn’t. Check out some ideas below for what biology science fair projects might spark an interest in you.  

Bacteria Biology Science Fair Projects

  • Which disinfectants are most effective? You could try spraying your kitchen sink with bleach, 409, vinegar, etc. and swab with a cotton swab and swipe onto a Petri dish and grow the cultures and see which have the most bacterial growth.
  • We all know that washing hands is very important. But which part of your hand is hardest to clean? Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, then use different cotton swabs and culture each part of your hand including under your fingernails, palms, back of your hand, and between your fingers.
  • Active dry yeast can thrive under certain conditions. But what conditions are those? You can try cold water, lukewarm water, hot water, and measure the growth and bubbliness of the sample.
  • It’s commonly known that active dry yeast feeds on sugar for growth, but what about sugar substitutes? You could take different sugar substitutes like Splenda, Nutrasweet, Sweet-n-low and compare that to regular sugar added to yeast. See what happens and measure the results.

Human Anatomy

  • Test various peoples’ lung capacities. Try measuring a runner’s lung capacity, to a swimmer, to a smoker, and to someone who doesn’t exercise
  • Does a sense of a taste relate to someone’s age? Are people’s sense of taste more sensitive as they age, or less sensitive?
  • What is your heart rate when petting an animal versus when you’re not? Does it matter if the pet belongs to you, or if it’s someone else’s pet?
  • What does your nose have to do with your sense of taste?
  • Does your age have anything to do with how long you can sleep each night? 
  • Are some acne medications more effective than others in reducing the acne?

Botany Biology Science Fair Projects

  • Does temperature have an effect on how well plants sprout?
  • Does the type of light you use, such as fluorescent or incandescent, effect how plants grow?
  • Does a rose’s scent have anything to do with its color? Does red, white, or pink have a different intensity?
  • Which is more effective on plant growth – organic or inorganic fertilizer?
  • Do plants growth better inside a greenhouse, or outside?
  • What is the right amount of water for watering tomato plants to get the most growth? 
  • Which plant foods cause the most growth? Is it Miracle Gro because it’s the most popular national brand, or could it be something else?
  • Do plants grow better hydroponically, or in normal soil?

Summary and Final Thoughts

We hope that the ideas in this article have sparked an interest in you.

You can tailor experiments according to your preference. Whatever you do, please make sure no animals are harmed in the process.

The best thing to do is come up with several ideas, and think about what questions you are trying to answer. Armed with this knowledge, you stand a great chance of coming up with a winning project. 

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