Easy Science Project

If you want to do an easy science project, the best advice we can give you is to pick a topic that is interesting to you - interesting projects are often the easiest to do!

When you are unsure about what kind of project to do, it's often a safe bet to repeat an experiment that has been done before. This is acceptable when you are doing a science experiment for class or for a local science fair.

Repeated science fair projects are generally easy because they are so well understood and documented. 

Sample Projects

For example, an egg science project is a pretty easy project because there is so much information out there about eggs and egg projects. 

Easy science projects can be done by simulating the effects of interesting phenomenon like tornadoes - a tornado science project can be done in under an hour; a fun and visually interesting science project. 

Step by Step

After looking at some easy projects and picking one, doing the project is simply a matter of following the steps. It's a good idea to follow the guide, especially if you've never done a science project before. 

Word of Caution

If you are trying to recreate a project that has been done before, beware that you may end up making a science fair project very similar to someone else's project.

This is simply because they may choose to do the same one as you. This may be fine if you are doing a project for class. If you are trying to do well at a science fair, however, you may find that the lack of originality will hurt your chances.

Does this mean that you cannot repeat a previously completed experiment? Are easy projects for the birds? No! Look at the easy science projects available and choose one that you like. Then change some aspect of it. If you make an interesting change to a known experiment, this will go a long way to adding some originality back in.

For more information about doing well at science fairs, check out our winning science fair project page.