Free Science Fair Project Idea

If you want a free science fair project idea, we have many to choose from here. Use the buttons on the left to access them. Ideas are sorted according to difficulty by grade categories - but do not let this limit you: ideas can be adapted to be easier or more challenging by following a simple approach outlined below, personalizing an idea. 

Incidentally, adapting an idea to better suite you is a good idea regardless of how closely a particular free science fair project idea matches your needs. Why? Because the people who will judge your project are going to be looking for some originality in your project - so just picking a free project idea and re-creating it will not get you top marks.

Are we saying that starting with an already developed project idea is a bad thing? No - certainly not. Spending some time looking at other projects will help with your own project whether or not you actually use a free science fair project idea. 

Personalizing an Idea

Personalizing a free science fair project idea is a great way to start a science fair project, especially if you have not done one before or are unsure about what topic to pick. Begin by choosing an idea that appeals to you - you might like plants, so you would naturally gravitate toward a biological experiment.

Perhaps you enjoy hiking and find yourself staring at rock formations - geology might be just the ticket for you. Ever find yourself staring at a NASCAR race wondering how they can make those cars go so fast? Then you might enjoy learning about internal combustion engines, or aerodynamics. No doubt, there is something you like - it's just a question of matching up your interest with a developed idea that comes close to your interest.

Once you've picked an idea that comes close to your interests it's probable that, no matter what the idea you've chosen is, it does not exactly match your interest. This is good! This is where you can personalize the idea to so that it does match your interest exactly.

If you do this, not only will you be personalizing the idea you've found, but you'll also be giving yourself a much wider selection of possible ideas to choose from. Instead of looking for the exact free science fair ideathat you want, you will simply be looking for something that's close - a far easier proposition.

If you're unsure about how to exactly personalize your free science fair idea, we recommend looking at the ideas, topics, or winning projectspages for more tips and examples.