Science Fair Projects

A science fair is coming and you have decided to create one of the science fair projects that will compete in the fair. That's great! Creating science projects has been, and always will be, the cornerstone of science itself.

What does that mean? Well, science is, in essence, the discovery and exercise of truth. Science fair projects are vehicles for the execution of science itself, and the communication medium through which the results of science experiments are conferred to others.

If that sounds intimidating, you are not alone. Many people start down the road of scientific experimentation and stop. This is a shame. While not easy, the process of scientific experimentation and discovery is a goal unto itself - a reward unto itself. Even if you simply repeat an experiment that has been done before, you are still serving science and, therefore, mankind itself. There are few more noble endeavors.

But you want a good grade, right? That's understandable. The information on this site is tailored for people who want to do the science and receive proper credit for their efforts.

If you want to jump right into ideas for science projects, look no further than the buttons on the left. There are many science projects and ideas for projects on any of those pages. If you need to decide what general area of science to focus on, try the topics page. If you would like to gather helpful guidelines on how to participate in the fair, read on.

During the science fair, you will be presenting your work to your peers, interested attendees, and judges. All of them have certain expectations of you and your project.

If your goal is to win, the judges are the people you have to impress - they will be the ones selecting winning projects. Even if your goal is to simply present a respectable project and (hopefully!) learn some science in the process, it is still a good idea to put your best foot forward during a fair. Not only will everyone else attending the science fair appreciate your efforts, you yourself will have a more enjoyable and interesting experience as a result.

If you are unsure of where to begin, start with the ideas page and read through the material - there are links at the bottom that will guide you along each section. We've thought of everything (we hope!).  Still unsure? There are great sites that have excellent ideas for science fair projects. 

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