Science Project Conclusion

Your science project conclusion is what you draw from all of the data you gathered while doing your science fair project experiment. 

Essentially the conclusion is a report on "what happened?" It summarizes your experimental experiences and correlates it with the research you did. If someone were to read just one page about what the experiment was about, how it turned out, and what information to draw from it then this would be it.

Look at your results and write a paragraph summarizing them, explain what they mean in the context of your experiment and your research.

When formulating your report on how you did your experiment, your preparations, and your research. Make sure to discuss how well each aspect contributed to your project and mention what (if anything) you would do differently if you had to repeat the project.

Did your experimentation prove or disprove your hypothesis? Write whether your hypothesis was proved or disproved; support your science project conclusion with your data in either case.

We’d like to take a moment and comment on what happens if you disprove your hypothesis: a good science fair judge will judge on how much you learned and how you went about your experimentation and not whether your hypothesis was proven correct or not.

The important aspect of a science project is to do science and if you followed our guidelines and the scientific method faithfully you will have done just that.

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